Prosoc Engineering Solutions (PES) was started in 2014 by the founders of Industrial Punches (Bangalore), 1974.

The vision is to have a compact and highly flexible company which would be highly responsive and cost-effective to cater to the diverse product and service needs of the growing and fast-paced Indian manufacturing community - especially for Die Mould (Mold) Spares.

The goal of the new company is 100% customer satisfaction stemming from an environment of high ethics and responsibility. High quality, low cost, quick responses and total satisfaction are the benefits to the customer.

The nascent company brings with it decades of experience from Industrial Punches (started 1974) and then as IPRL (started in year 2000).

Our strengths are -

a) A strong commitment to customer satisfaction

b) Highly ethical practices

c) Strong belief in social welfare

We are proud to be supporting over 2000 customers all over India and abroad.

The company's product line include -

H13 Ejector Pins

HSS M2 Piercing Punches

ISO / JIS Die Springs

Guide Pillar Sets with top and bottom housing, ball cage, bush and fasteners - as per Japanese (Misumi) standards

Shoulder Bolts (Limit Bolts)

Dowel Pins

Disc Springs (Cup Washers / Belleville Springs)

Spring plungers (Ball Catch)

All kinds of Ball cages (Brass, Aluminium (Aluminum), Delrin, Gun metal)

Guide Bushes, Jig Bushes, Liner Bushes

Parting Locks

Polyurethane (PU) Rods and Tubes

Self Lubricated Products (with Graphite inserts)

Date Insert (Mould Data Calendar Insert)

Cam Units

and many other Die Mould (Mold) spares.

Our other products -

  • Customized stainless steel pins for pharmaceutical and rust free usage.

  • Stainless steel spring plungers and fasteners

  • Titanium shoulder screws for aerospace applications.

PES is based out of Bangalore, INDIA and sends it products all over India and abroad. We are constantly adding products and updating our catalogs. So please refer the latest catalog sheets on our "Products" page.